Scottish Power Action 1.

So that Jimmy did not die n vain

Retrofitting of 'Killer Pole'

Within just 1 month of agreeing to this action, Scottish Power had successfully retrofitted the killer pole which electrocuted the Osprey 'Jimmy'.

Here you can see the original pole (left) with old transformer and uninsulated jumper wires lying close together vs the retrofitted pole (right) having new transformer with upright insulators and widely spaced insulated jumper wires, composite spikes on top of the steel crossbar and bird diverters clipped onto the energised live lines all to deter perching and keep birds safe.

Original Power Pole
Retrofitted Pole

steel crossbar inviting perching
small distance between the live wires
uninsulated connector wires
conductive steel cross-arm
old transformer with open top
exposed jumpers
upward pointing pin insulators
arcing horns for lightning protection

composite spikes on crossbar
(to deter perching)
wider spaced jumper wires
now insultated
new transformer with insulators on top
insulated connector wires
flight diverters hanging from live distribution wires
(small distance between the live distribution wires remain)

Juxtaposition of killer pole which elecrrocuted Jimmy with retrofitted bird-safe version