Scottish Power Action 2.

So that Jimmy did not die in vain

Joint Osprey Pole Nest Project

As a 'pay-back' for Jimmy's death, 3 new artificial Osprey Pole Nests, each with 2 natural perches, have been erected in the western Hiraeth Moor, Denbighshire in a joint project between Scottish Power and Friends of the Ospreys orchestrated by Gail of Operation Jimmy. These pole nests provide alternatives to Ospreys other than power poles for perching in the vicinity where Jimmy spent time and tragically died. They also happily offer new nesting sites to help encourage Ospreys populate this western part of the moor, complimenting the ones over in the eastern side at Llyn Brenig.
You can watch a video of one of them going up below!

Consent has been given by 3 delightful and keen landowners supportive of the project and it's cause. The locations found are in the vicintity of good fishing grounds for Ospreys and where passing Ospreys, including Jimmy, have been seen. Scottish Power provided the poles, erected the contractors D&C Jones Company Ltd from Blaenau Ffestiniog. Friends of the Ospreys built the nests and platforms to dress the poles, using branches and timber / screws / bolts / wire donated by the Blaenau Ffestiniog branch of North Wales Huws Gray builders merchants.
Here are a few images from the project.

Finishing touches being added to one of the pole nests

Tools lined up for the start of the job.

tools lined up for first stage of making pole nest

Machines are gathered on site with the pole, platform, nest base, tools and materials to do the job.

Mahines gather to do the work

The platform is secured to the pole.

platform is secured to pole

Platform is now ready.

pole platform now ready

Platform is secured to the pole.

platform secured to pole

The nest base is assembled and wired to the platform.

nest base assembled

One of the perches is attached.

perch being attached

Many hands are on deck!

many hands on deck

Perches are bolted on.

fixing the wires to hold branches base of new nest

An auger digs a 2 metre hole.

An auger digs a hole

An auger digs a hole

The pole with platform are flited by a crane and dropped into the hole.

pole is lifted by a crane and placed into the hole

The pole is firmed up.

the pole is firmed up by hand

More wiring from a cherry picker.

more wiring of brances in situ

More branches are added in situ!

more branches are added

Bedding material has been added and finishing touches are made.

finishing touches being made

On Friday 10th March 2017, the nests were refurbished to a high standard ready to welcome Ospreys to nests like freshly made beds. Operation Jimmy orchestrated the help from SP Energy Networks who supported Friends of the Ospreys to gain access in order to maintain the nests after the storms, winds and rains of the winter, and all stuck at it despite the challenging ground conditions. You can read the article on the Daily Post Website here and watch it on this movie: