Working Together for the Safety of Birds

Operation Jimmy

Joint Working

Thumbnail of Gail Edgley, project Operation Jimmy organiser

Gail Edgley

Gail has been galvanised into action to do something practical, making every effort to ensure that CU2 Jimmy has not died in vain. She launched 'Operation Jimmy' on hearing of his tragic death on Monday 11 May 2015.

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SP Energy Network logo + map of coverage areas including north-mid Wales

Scottish Power

The energy giant SP Energy Networks who have given a fantastic response all along are taking needed steps for a positive outcome agreeing to make the electricity infrastructure Osprey-friendly + provide alternative perches.

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Friends of the Ospreys - a chick in a nest they have built

Friends of the Ospreys

A Glaslyn based Osprey Conservation Group who promote recovery of the Osprey numbers in Wales + UK are donating & installing 3 artificial nests with perches in a Joint Project with Scottish Power up on Hiraeth moor.

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Logos for the 2 Osprey Projects in Wales - at Dyfi + Glaslyn

Key Groups + Individuals

Osprey Projects, Wildlife / Nature Organisations + individuals with ground knowledge of Welsh Ospreys have been consulted about Osprey Risk zones to feed back to Scottish Power to map on and inform their modernisation programme.

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HIraeth Moor with Llyn Alwen where 3 consenting landowners have been found

Landowners Hiraeth Moor

Three landowners on Hiraeth moor fully supportive of 'Operation Jimmy' have each agreed and given signed consent to have an artificial Osprey nest with associated perches erected in a prime location on their land.

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Image of many people to symbolise everyone who cares about the issue

Everyone Who Cares

You can do something: Make a comment. Contribute ideas. Share knowledge. Network. Help raise awareness. Report an electrocution. Sign petition to call on UK Gov to make all electricity supplies state-of-the-art bird-friendly.

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A Special Thank You to Cerrig Falconers

Image of Stuart Wilkinson holding a Seka FalconImage of Val Wilkinson with a boy holding a Barn Owl

Cerrig Falconers

A special thank you, gratitude and acknowledgement to Stuart and Val Wilkinson running Cerig Falconry
for being a source of wonderful inspiration, information, local knowledge and supportive kindred spirits.
More about their contribution to protect raptors from powerlines can be read about here.

photo of the Cerrig Palconry banner which is displayed at any events they feature in

The banner which features in any events which Stuart and Val are invited to take their birds to such as the Henllan Summer Fair.