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Daily Post Article - Rare Osprey Electrocuted

Killed for finding
a Perch for his lunch

WALE'S birding community was in mourning this week after an osprey known as Jimmy struck an electricity pylon and was killed. The young male had just caught a fish near Pentrefoelas and was taking it to a perch when he touched an electricity transformer and was electrocuted.
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Daily Post Article Image entitled 'Tragic Osprey Leaves Killer Pylon Legacy'

Killer pylon legacy
for tragic Jimmy

A BIRD lover has persuaded energy giant Scottish Power to alter a "killer pylon" after being shocked by the death of a young osprey in North Wales. "Operation Jimmy" brought swift results when Scottish Power agreed to retro-fit the pylon with a new insulated transformer.
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Daily Post online page giving opportunity to watch one of the Osprey Pole Nests being erected

Nest Poles in memory
of tragic Jimmy

ENERGY giant Scottish Power has erected three new pole nests for ospreys in North Wales. The three nests, which provide perching alternatives to pylons, mark the latest phase of "Operation Jimmy" as Scottish Power strives to make its network more raptor-friendly.
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Daily Post online page shows the article and a short movie giving the opportunity to watch one of the Osprey Pole Nests being refurbished

North Wales Keeps a Welcome
for Returning Ospreys
of tragic Jimmy

Returning ospreys will find their nest rims firmed up with more sticks wired in with a layer of fresh bedding. As the first returning ospreys arrive in Britain, efforts are underway to repair nests to welcome them back to North Wales.
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