Osprey Nest from a Cherry Picker!

Osprey Pole Nest Construction
Ever wondered what it feels like to be a bird flying down onto a nest? Well I have ... and not only that I had a chance to see for myself!

Lucky for me I went up in a cheery picker twice to view 2 of the pole nests whereas the first I saw from the top of a long ladder. The cherry picker was amazing!!! The nest, lofted stance, hovering above and beside - a bird's eye view! Of course the hot sunshine, the blue skies and the clear visibility topped it off. I felt on top of the world. What an extraordinary life birds have.

Whilst I gazed in and marvelled at the huge nest all dressed so beautifully I imagined an Osprey family filling it up, female on the rim, male on the lovely natural perch, 2 or 3 chicks in the nest. Fingers crossed it is only a matter of time...

Cherry Picker View over Osprey Pole Nest
So many thanks Darren! (Friends of the Ospreys) for taking me up and giving me the gift of this wonderful experience.