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Stories from the Project
Crop from Daily Post Article - Rare Osprey Electrocuted

Galvanised into Action

I can recall the precise moment on the afternoon of Monday 11th May when I read of Jimmy's tragic electrocution. A wave of [...]
picture of the Osprey feather Gail found overlaid on the path where she found it

A Feather on the Path

A very extraordinary thing happened... [...]
image of Gail receiving Jimmy's ring from Iolo Williams

Jimmy's Ring

To my very great surprise, and most totally unexpectedly, while absorbedly taking photographs of the unfolding afternoon at[...]
image of Osprey nest from a cherry picker

Osprey Nest From
a Cherry Picker

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a bird flying down onto a nest? Well I have ... and not only that I had a chance to see for myself! [...]