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SP Energy Network logo + map of coverage areas including north-mid Wales

Scottish Power

Utility Company who have been willing and responsible in taking action to protect birds.

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Friends of the Ospreys - a chick in a nest they have built

Friends of the Ospreys

Glaslyn based non-profit Osprey Conservation group building artificial Osprey nests.

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Logo for Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife - Glaslyn Ospreys

BGGW Glaslyn Wildlife

Non-profit company run by volunteers to protect and show to the public the Glaslyn Ospreys.

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Logos for Dyfi Osprey Project

Dyfi Osprey Project

Award winning project with 360 Oberservatory at Cors Dyfi run by Montgomery Wildlife Trust.

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British Trust for Osrnithology logo

British Trust for Ornithology

Trust carrying out research and protection of birds.

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Image of many people to symbolise everyone who cares about the issue

Everyone Who Cares

You can do something: Make a comment. Contribute ideas. Help raise awareness.

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Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network

Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network

Organisation in Russia working to protect, find out about and conserve raptors.

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Image of two hummingbirds hovering by a flower

Home Hobbies: Bird-Watching

A simple guide to get people started in the lovely hobby of bird watching and identification.

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