Raptor Risk Factors

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Osprey perching on Power Pole

Power Pole Perching

Many Birds of Prey like to perch where they have a good lookout, making power poles [...]
Example of a large winged bird about to land on a power pole

Wingspan, Weight

Large wingsan + low wing-weight increase the chance of contact, and the risk of electrocution [...]
one of these eaglets was thought to be electrocuted soon after taking it's first flight i on 10th July 2014

Immaturity, Flight

It has been found that 80% electrocutions are of immature birds in their first 3 years of life [...]
image of a hawks' eye to represent this topic


Birds have special vision so may not be looking forwards + most collisions occur at night [...]
Image of Wind and Rain

Weather-Power Combo

Wind and rain, storms, mist and fog exacerbate the risks of electrocution or collision where [...]
Barren landscape where Jimmy was electrocuted

Pole & Line Locations

Poles and lines crossing migration or daily flight paths significantly increase the risks of [...]