Values for Bird Friendly Living

Humans in Harmony with Nature

Electricity-Wise + Any-Wise

A pair of Albatross with beaks close looking at their chick

Love & Respect for Nature

So to care for, protect and value all life
Image of birds, animals and people walking over the edge of the earth

Being Willing to Share

Birds + Animals were here long before us!
Image of a peacock

The value of Beauty

The joy of form, flight and birdsong
Image of mass electrocution of flamingos from lethal powerlines

Do we want it Hanging Over Our Heads?

Many species are threatened to the point of extinction from our actions.
Painting of the Tree of Life showing a tree filled with birds and animals

Interdependence of All Life

All living things play a part in this delicate tree of life.

1/7th for the insects
1/7th for the birds
1/7th for the fish
1/7th for the animals
1/7th for the trees
1/7th for the flowers
1/7th for the people
Image of an Eagle sitting on am add-on pole from which hanf power lines off downward hanging insulators

We Have A Price to Pay

Living BIrd Friendly may well not be the cheapest

Consciously Responsible Living

Image of a Barn Owl looking straight at you

We owe it to birds / animals to think + act beyond our human world, to honour that their lives matter too.