On 11 May 2015 an Osprey was tragically electrocuted on a power pole.
'Operation Jimmy' was launched to make sure it never happens again.

Stop Electrocutions

Understand about electricity, how electrocution can happen and what is happening to prevent it.

Bird-Friendly Living

Valuing wildlife as priceless puts a resonsibility on us to live without harming, make changes and pay out if we need to.

Research Solutions

Other countries have made far more headway than the UK where legal regulations prevent thousands of deaths.

Spread the Word

Few know that our electricty supplies could be killing or maming birds. When we wake up to this fact we will vote for action and if necessary put our hands in our pockets.

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Operation Jimmy logo

  • 1.To prevent any future incidents of electrocution or harm to Ospreys from electricity.
    2. To pay back to Ospreys for population recovery and wellbeing of all birds.
    3. To allow Ospreys, other birds & electricity to co-exit harmoniously.
    4. To educate & ↑ awareness of electrocution + bird-friendly solutions.
    5.To inspire other utility companies to follow suit & pursue legislation.

a higgledy piggledy row of flying birds

Joint Working

Thumbnail of Gail Edgley, project Operation Jimmy organiser

Gail Edgley

Gail has been galvanised into action to do something practical to make every effort to ensure that CU2 Jimmy has not died in vain. She launched 'Operation Jimmy' on hearing of his tragic death on Monday 11 May 2015.

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SP Energy Network logo + map of coverage areas including north-mid Wales

Scottish Power

The energy giant SP Energy Networks who have given a fantastic response all along are taking needed steps for a positive outcome agreeing to make the electricity infrastructure Osprey-friendly + provide alternative perches.

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Friends of the Ospreys - a chick in a nest they have built

Friends of the Ospreys

A Glaslyn based Osprey Conservation Group who promote recovery of the Osprey populations in Wales + UK are donating & installing 3 artificial nests with perches in a Joint Project with Scottish Power up on Hiraeth moor.

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Logos for the 2 Osprey Projects in Wales - at Dyfi + Glaslyn

Key Groups + Individuals

Osprey Projects, Wildlife / Nature Organisations + individuals with ground knowledge of Welsh Ospreys have been consulted about Osprey Risk zones to feed back to Scottish Power to map on and inform their modernisation programme.

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View across Hiraeth Moor where 3 consenting landowners have been found

Landowners Hiraeth Moor

Three landowners on Hiraeth moor fully supportive of 'Operation Jimmy' have each agreed and given signed consent to have an artificial Osprey nest with associated perches erected in a prime location on their land.

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Image of many people to symbolise everyone who cares about the issue

Everyone Who Cares

You can do something: Make a comment. Contribute ideas. Share knowledge. Network. Help raise awareness. Report an electrocution. Sign petition to call on UK Gov to make all electricity supplies state-of-the-art bird-friendly.

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Video of Jimmy / Blue CU2

Live footage of Blue CU2
with kind permission of Emyr Evans

  • Jimmy intruding on the Dyfi Osprey Project (DOP) nest
  • on August 20, 2014
  • when, at 2 years old,
  • he returned to the UK for the first time
  • after surviving the hazards of migration
  • Born Dumfries & Galloway out to Africa
  • passing back through Wales on his way back
  • checking out another Osprey nest!

Read the DOP Blog

Latest News - Operation Jimmy BLOG

  • Daily Post Article - Rare Osprey Electrocuted

    News of CU2
    Jimmy's Death

    11 / 05 / 2015

    All credit to the Scottish Power Engineers who found CU2 / Jimmy electrocuted on a power pole near Pentrefoelas. News of his tragic death spread quickly to shocked readers. The Daily Post gave full page coverage 3 days later in the Farm and Country section by Journalist Andrew Forgraves.

  • post1

    First Meeting with Scottish Power

    29 / 05 / 2015

    Gail Edgley met with two Scottish Power Managers + the Engineer who found Jimmy at LLyn Brenig Visitors Centre. Everyone present was shocked and genuinely moved to do something about it to bring something good out of the tragedy. A four piece action plan was agreed and everyone had work to do.

  • Daily Post Article Image entitled 'Tragic Osprey Leaves Killer Pylon Legacy'

    Retrofitting of
    the Killer Pole

    01 / 06 / 2015

    Scottish Power true to their word successfully retrofitted to render safe the 'killer pole' just 32 days after agreeing to the action. Images of the before + after pole, along with the further pledges by SP, appeared in a second article in the Daily Post again in the Farm and Country section by Journalist Andrew Forgraves.

  • image of cafe overlooking lake at RSPB Conwy where the second meeting with SP too place

    Second Meeting with Scottish Power

    30 / 07 / 2015

    Gail Edgley met again with the two Scottish Power Managers, this time at RSPB Conwy Reserve cafe. Osprey risk zone maps were handed over plus 3 site locations with signed consent from 3 landowners to erect pole nest with perches as alternatives to power poles in tree sparce areas up on Hiraeth moor.

We need to work together to make a difference

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